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忙碌的一天(暑假 A Busy Day Summer Holiday

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忙碌的一天(暑假) A Busy Day(Summer Holiday)

Now,it’s the middle of summer vacation, but all my homework are left to be done.Therefore, I have to spend most time in study since now. However, I can’t studyall day long because I have to do something else. Like today, I get up early inthe morning and cook breakfast for myself and my little sister. My parents havegone to work. And then I do some housework, clean the floor. It almost takes metwo hours until I can do my homework. About twelve o’clock, it’s time forlunch. I cook noodles for me and my sister. After that, I watch TV for a whileand have a short rest. In the afternoon, I do homework with my sister together.When she has problems, she would ask me. So I have to put down my work to helpher. Luckily, when my parents come back, I don’t have to take care of so manythings. I can focus on my own matters.


忙碌的春天A Busy Spring

Asspring comes, everything on earth comes to life. After an overnight’s raining,the trees and flowers seem to wear their new clothes. Birds are chanting intrees. Butterflies keep dancing in flowers. All these elements form an elegantspring life.


Asspring comes, everything is in a rush. Swallows are busy with building theirnests; frogs are busy with breeding their offspring; little grass is busy withgrowing up; seeds are busy with sprouting. And the farmers are busy with theirfarm work. Look, how hard they are working in their field! So there's no doubtthat they will reap a good harvest through their hard work.


忙碌的一天 A Busy Day

Todayit’s a busy day. I have a lot of things to do. In the morning, I get up earlyat 6:30. My mother prepares the breakfast for me. I eat it and then go to theschool. I have four classes in the morning. There are two periods of Chinese. Teacherasks us write an essay during the two classes. I finish it on time. At noon, I don’tgo home because I go to the hospital. One of my classmates is sick so I visither. I return to school at 14:00. I am a little tired but I still focus on theclass. After class, I go home and have dinner. Now, I finish my homework and I willgo to sleep soon.


忙碌的一天(生活) A Busy Day(life)

Yesterday was Saturday. It should be a leisurely day, but I was busy yesterday. I got up at eight o'clock and then I ate breakfast. After breakfast, my mother and I went to the downtown to do some shopping. We went to the departmen store, because my mother wanted to buy clothes for my father. And then we went to supermarket. I like going to supermaket because I can buy many snacks there. However, when we were in supermarket, my father called my mother suddenly. My aunt visited us! Then, we just bought some foods and went home by a taxi. When we got home, it was already four o'clock. Therefore, we had to started to prepare for the dinner. My aunt said that she would stay in my home for several days. I was very happy,because I like to stay with my aunt and I did not see her for a long time. Although I was busy yesterday, I was very happy.


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